Sony TV Blinking Red Light 6 Times: Here’s The Fix!


You settle into your couch, ready to binge your favorite show. You hit the power button on your Sony TV remote, excited to relax after a long day.


But instead of lighting up, your TV shows no signs of life except for a small, blinking red light. You count the blinks – six in a row. “Why is my Sony TV blinking red light 6 times?” you wonder.

Don’t panic! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through potential causes and proven solutions to get your Sony TV working again.

Sony TV Blinking Red Light 6 Times

Sony TV Blinking Red Light



What Does the Blinking Red Light on a Sony TV Mean?

Many Sony TV models have a small LED light on the front panel or bottom edge of the screen. This indicator light can blink in different patterns to signal various issues.

  • A steady red light typically means the TV is in standby mode.
  • Multiple red blinks in a row point to a specific internal problem.

In particular, a repeating pattern of 6 red blinks indicates a hardware or software failure inside the TV. This failure is preventing your set from turning on properly.

While frustrating, a diagnosis of 6 red blinks is better than no signs of life at all. It means your TV has power, but another component is malfunctioning. Read on to discover some of the most common culprits.

Common Causes of a Sony TV Blinking Red Light 6 Times:

There are a few leading causes of Sony TVs showing 6 repeating red blinks instead of powering on. Let’s review the most likely issues:


1. Overheating

Like most electronics, Sony TVs need adequate ventilation and cool air circulation. When placed in enclosed, poorly ventilated areas, they can easily overheat.

Excess heat triggers a safety mechanism that cuts power to prevent permanent damage. This manifests as 6 red blinks when you try turning the TV on.

Check if your Sony is:

  • Placed inside a cabinet without ventilation
  • Blocked by items sitting on top or around it
  • Collecting dust and pet hair inside vents

2. Faulty Components

Key electronic components wear out over a long lifetime of turning on, running video processing, and powering off. Eventually, they fail.


Common culprits for 6 blinking red lights include:

  • Burnt out capacitors
  • Failed or unplugged backlight LED driver board
  • Loose or corroded wire connector
  • Power supply issues

Damaged parts like these require replacement by a professional TV repair tech.

3. Software/Firmware Glitches

Sony TVs run complex software that controls video signals, apps, settings, and more. Bugs or conflicts in this programming can sometimes manifest as hardware-like failures.

  • Bad HDMI handshakes between devices can make TVs appear unresponsive.
  • Outdated firmware versions riddled with bugs could also be the issue.
  • Factory reset fails due to data corruption errors will leave a TV non-functional.

Thankfully, software and firmware issues are often simpler and cheaper to remedy than physical damage.


4. Remote Control Problems

While it seems unlikely, don’t rule out remote control problems causing your Sony TV to blink 6 times without turning on.

If IR communication is disrupted between the clicker and TV sensor, strange behavior can occur. Interference from sunlight, burned out bulbs, and low batteries are possible oversights.

Confirm your Sony remote is aimed properly and operating before blaming hardware failures inside the TV. A smartphone camera app can visually confirm IR signals.

Now let’s shift gears to actionable solutions for blinking red lights…


Fixing a Sony TV That Blinks Red Light 6 Times: Step-By-Step Solutions

Here are the best troubleshooting tips for restarting Sony TVs with a 6-blink red light error, starting from simplest to most complex.

Step 1: Try a Basic Power Reset

As silly as it sounds, a basic power reset solves many electronic glitches. Follow these steps:

  1. Disconnect the TV power cable from the outlet for 60 seconds. This dissipates any built-up voltage.
  2. Plug the power cable firmly back into the wall and press the TV’s power button.

This “power cycling” procedure resets voltage irregularities or software lockups stalling start-up. It’s a zero-cost, zero-effort solution worth trying first.

Step 2: Confirm Remote Control Function

While awaiting your TV to restart, check that your Sony remote control works properly:

  • Remove batteries and reinsert them to force a hard reset
  • Aim the remote at the smartphone camera and press the buttons – you should see faint IR flashes
  • Try buttons like Input, Menu/Home to wake the TV if power doesn’t respond
  • If new batteries don’t revive it, remote replacement may be required

Step 3: Update Sony TV Firmware

Your specific model may have a critical firmware update from Sony that patches bugs causing 6 blink errors.

Official Firmware Page of SONY

  • On another internet device, search “[your Sony TV model] firmware update”
  • Download the latest UPDATE.ZIP file from the Sony support site
  • Insert the USB drive with this file into the TV’s USB port
  • Access the on-screen menu > Settings > System > Firmware > Update now.

This simple software refresh works wonders for stubborn electronics issues. It also improves video processing and compatibility.

Step 4: Open the TV Case and Inspect the Insides

If firmware upgrades prove fruitless, it’s time to get hands-on investigating your Sony TV’s internal hardware. This requires:

  • Phillips and Torx screwdrivers
  • Flashlight
  • Magnetized parts tray
  • Electronic contact cleaner spray

Then, gingerly:

  1. Unscrew the case screws and detach the back panel
  2. Shine a flashlight inside and scan boards for burnt spots
  3. Check that all ribbon cables and wires are firmly inserted into their respective ports
  4. Use an electronics parts brush and compressed air to dust out vents, fans, boards
  5. Spray any questionable corrosion spots on boards with contact cleaner
  6. Secure the case and screws, then attempt to power on

These steps mitigate dust buildup and loose connections causing 6 blinks. Consider help from a TV repair technician if you are uncomfortable doing this yourself.

Step 5: Replace Faulty Hardware Parts

For continued blinking light issues, chances are a specific component inside the TV has failed. Common culprits are:

  • Power supply board providing inconsistent voltage
  • LED driver board powering broken backlights
  • TCON board coordinating backlight signals
  • HDMI ports creating handshake issues

Take detailed photos of wire placements before removal. Then, consult your TV model’s service manual for part numbers and ordering details. Be extremely careful handling bare boards and components.


Replacing bad parts requires decent soldering skills. Otherwise, hire an experienced TV repair person for this delicate operation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sony TV Blinking Red Light 6 Times

Here are answers to some common questions about fixing Sony TVs with 6 red blinks:

What if my Sony has flashing red AND green lights?

  • Alternating red and green blinking means the TV detected an attempt at piracy or modification. This locks the TV functionality unless factory reset through a hidden service menu.

Where can I find service/repair manuals for Sony TVs?

  • Sites like host repair documentation for many Sony models. Search your exact model number for details on part replacements.

I opened my Sony TV and now the other buttons don’t work?

  • Ribbon cables with loose ends can shift when you re-assemble the chassis. Check for any connectors slightly out of place before full reassembly.

How do I back up my Sony TV settings before factory reset?

  • In the settings menu, choose ‘Backup & Restore’ and then ‘Backup to USB device’ to save your custom settings and apps. Restore them later to bypass the rerun setup.

Why does my Sony have sound but no picture?

  • If audio works but the panel shows no video, there is likely a backlight failure. Inspect wires attaching to LED driver boards and panels for faults.

Can I upgrade my parts to fix problems?

  • Absolutely! Upgrading boards, power supply, and backlight components from eBay often enhances reliability in older Sony models. Just ensure full compatibility.

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Final Thoughts:

Dealing with Sony TV problems can be hugely frustrating, especially when accompanied by cryptic blinking light signals. Hopefully, this guide has helped explain the common root causes of 6 red blink errors.

More importantly, you now have several key troubleshooting steps that can resuscitate your ailing Bravia.


As tempting as it might seem, don’t hastily junk a TV at the first sign of trouble. Oftentimes the culprit is dust buildup, loose wires, or software needing a refresh.

And even where hardware replacements might make financial sense over a brand new $500+ unit.

Equipped with the right repair info and some perseverance, there’s an excellent chance you can cancel those premature retirement plans for your Sony TV.

Now grab your tools and let’s get that beautiful display glowing brightly once again!


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