Juul Blinks Green 5 Times When Charging – Reasons + Fix


So you just got your Juul and went to charge it up, eager to start vaping, right? But then when you pop it on the magnetic USB charger, the LED light starts blinking green – not just once or twice, but five whole times. What gives?


I feel you, that would throw me for a loop too. As handy as those little Juuls are, they have their share of cryptic light signals. A blinking light when you expect it to charge steady can be annoying.

But don’t worry, the five green blinks are nothing to stress about. It’s a pretty common thing and just means your Juul detected something that needs attention. Maybe the pod isn’t inserted correctly or there’s an issue with the contacts. Perhaps the battery is drained lower than the Juul likes. Could even just need a basic cleaning.

The point is, that Juul’s 5 green blinks are more of a heads-up than an actual problem. Check the pod and contacts, wipe the Juul down, and make sure it’s properly snapped in – a quick troubleshooting should take care of it. Just don’t panic when you see that blinking green light, it’s usually an easy fix!


Juul Blinks Green 5 Times When Charging

Juul Blinks Green


In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain exactly why your Juul blinks green 5 times when charging, what it means, and how to troubleshoot the issue.

What do the 5 Green Blinks indicate?

When your Juul blinks green 5 times continuously while connected to the charger, this indicates that the battery is reaching a full charge.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what the blinking green light means:

  • 1 green blink – Battery is low (less than 10%)
  • 2 green blinks – Battery is around 25%
  • 3 green blinks – Battery is around 50%
  • 4 green blinks – Battery is around 75%
  • 5 green blinks – Battery is nearly fully charged

So when you see your Juul flashing green 5 times, it simply means the battery has nearly reached 100% charge capacity. This is normal behavior and nothing to be concerned about.

Common Causes of the 5 Green Blinks

While the 5 blinking green lights are normal, there are a few common reasons why you may notice this occurring:

  • Using an Incompatible Charger

The Juul is designed to only be charged with the official Juul USB charging dock. A generic wall charger, computer USB port, or car charger can sometimes result in the 5 blinking lights even when the battery isn’t fully recharged. Stick to the standard Juul charger for best results.

  • Charging After Long Storage

If you haven’t used your Juul in a while and the battery was fully drained, it may take longer than usual to reach a full charge. The 5 blinking green lights indicate it is slowly reaching max capacity again after a long dormant period.

  • Old Battery Nearing End of Life

As the lithium-ion battery in your Juul ages after 6 months to a year of regular use, its ability to hold a maximum charge diminishes. The blinking light may indicate an old battery needs replacement soon.

  • Cold Temperatures

Very cold temperatures can temporarily reduce battery performance. If charging in cold ambient conditions, the 5 blinking lights could simply mean it’s taking longer to charge fully.

  • Battery or Charger Defect

In rare cases, a defective battery or charger could be the culprit. If other troubleshooting tips don’t work, this may be the cause.

Troubleshooting Juul Blinking Green 5 Times

If your Juul blinking green 5 times is a new issue and you want to troubleshoot it, follow these tips:

  • Clean the charging contacts – Use a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol to gently clean the charging contacts on the bottom of the Juul and the charger. Dirt or grime can interrupt the charging connection.
  • Try different USB ports – Attempt charging from different USB ports and on different devices like a computer, power brick, or USB hub. Faulty ports could cause charging issues.
  • Inspect the charger – Examine your Juul charger closely for any damage or bent pins. A damaged charger can lead to charge problems.
  • Let the battery drain completely – Allow the Juul battery to drain completely to 0% before recharging. This can recalibrate the battery.
  • Contact Juul support – If other steps don’t resolve the issue, contact Juul’s customer support online for troubleshooting help.
  • Consider battery replacement – If your Juul is older than a year or you’ve recharged it over 300 times, replacing it may be necessary.

Tips for Optimal Juul Charging

To keep your Juul working optimally and avoid potential charging issues like the 5 blinking green lights, follow these tips:

  • Use only the official Juul charger – Don’t use generic chargers to avoid technical issues.
  • Keep charger pins clean – Gently clean with alcohol and a swab every few weeks.
  • Don’t overcharge – Don’t leave Juul charging for more than 2 hours max after it’s fully recharged.
  • Charge at room temperature – Very hot or cold temperatures can disrupt charging.
  • Don’t deplete the battery completely – Recharge when around 30% battery to avoid deep discharge damage.
  • Replace Juul battery yearly – Expect to replace the lithium battery after around 300 charge cycles for optimal performance.
  • Update Juul firmware – Use the Juul app to download the latest firmware updates for bug fixes.

Top Alternative Pod Systems If Juul Keeps Blinking

If you’ve tried troubleshooting but your Juul keeps blinking green 5 times while charging, it may be time to consider replacing it.

Here are 5 of the top alternative pod vape systems:

Device Pros Cons
Vaporesso XROS Compact size, easy push-to-fill pods, long battery life Only 10-16W output, loose MTL draw
Suorin Air Plus Lightweight, customizable airflow, large pods There is no battery level indication, a small battery
Smok Novo 4 Excellent flavor, huge cloud production, fast charging On the larger side, no adjustable airflow
Uwell Caliburn G Top refillable pod system, compact, LONG 2-week+ coil life Pods can leak slightly if overfilled
VooPoo Drag S Striking resin panels, Gene chip for precise temp control, big battery Boxy shape, heavy in hand

FAQs About Juul Blinking Green 5 Times

  • Why does my Juul blink green 5 times when I put it on the charger?

This usually means there is an issue detecting the Juul pod, there may be dirty contacts or the pod isn’t inserted correctly.

  • Does blinking green 5 times mean the Juul battery is dead?

Not necessarily, it could be a dead battery causing the issue but it’s not the only reason this happens. It’s more of a general detection issue.

  • How do I fix my Juul when it blinks green 5 times?

First clean the contacts with a cotton swab and make sure your Juul pod is inserted properly. If it still blinks 5 times, the battery may need reconditioning or be depleted below the working voltage.

  • Should I hit my Juul when the light blinks green 5 times?

No, you shouldn’t hit your Juul if it’s blinking like this as there is some kind of issue being detected that needs to be addressed first before vaping.

  • Can I still vape my Juul if the light keeps blinking?

It’s not recommended to vape your Juul while the 5 green blink issue persists as it likely won’t produce vapor and indicates a detection problem. Resolve the issue first.

  • What if my Juul won’t charge after blinking green 5 times?

If adjusting the pod and cleaning contacts don’t help, the battery could be dead and may need replacement. Contact Juul support online for troubleshooting tips.

  • How long does green blink 5 times last?

The blinking usually only lasts a few seconds and is just an indicator code, it’s not a permanent state. Resolving the detection issue should stop the blinking.

  • Is 5 blinks of any color bad for Juul?

Green specifically indicates a pod detection issue. Other colors like red or yellow could indicate different issues like battery errors – check Juul’s site for specifics.

  • My Juul won’t hit after blinking green 5 times, what’s wrong?

Most likely the pod isn’t making full contact. Remove pod, clean everything, reinsert and try again. If still not hitting, battery may need reconditioning or be too low to vaporize.

  • Does 5 green blinks on Juul mean it’s broken?

Not necessarily broken, but it means there is some kind of issue that needs to be fixed – could be temporary or may indicate a damaged battery or contacts that eventually need replacing.

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While a Juul blinking green 5 times when charging may seem odd, it simply indicates the battery reaching a full charge. This visual feedback helps assure you the charging process is working properly.


However, if the blinking light is a new issue or persists for long periods, use our troubleshooting tips to clean connections, try alternative charging methods, or replace components.

Proper Juul device care and maintenance will keep it working optimally.

If problems continue even after troubleshooting, consider switching to an advanced alternative pod system for improved performance and vapor production.

With helpful information on what the blinking lights mean and how to resolve them, you can confidently charge and use your Juul vaporizer.


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