What Does Urge Delivery Mean on Shein? A Fast Fashion Shipping


Have you ever been in a rush to get your hands on a new outfit? Maybe you’ve got a party coming up, or you just can’t wait to try on that cute top you saw online.


Well, if you’re shopping on Shein, you might have come across something called “Urge Delivery.” But what exactly does that mean?

Let’s dive in and find out!

What Does Urge Delivery Mean?

What Does Urge Delivery Mean

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Shein has become a go-to place for fashion lovers. It’s known for trendy clothes, good prices, and quick shipping.

But sometimes, you need your order even faster than usual. That’s where Urge Delivery comes in.

In this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know about this speedy shipping option.

What Does Urge Delivery Mean on Shein?

Simply put, Urge Delivery is Shein’s fastest shipping option. When you choose Urge Delivery, Shein promises to get your order to you in just 1-2 business days. That’s super quick!


Think of it like this:

  • Regular shipping is like taking a bus – it gets you there, but it might make a few stops along the way.
  • Urge Delivery is like taking a taxi – it’s faster and goes straight to your destination.

But remember, this speedy service comes at a cost. You’ll need to pay extra for Urge Delivery.

It’s like paying for a taxi instead of a bus ticket – you’re paying for the convenience and speed.

How Long Does Shein Take to Deliver?

Shein offers different shipping options to fit everyone’s needs.


Here’s a simple breakdown:

Shipping Option Delivery Time
Standard Shipping 7-8 business days
Express Shipping 5-7 business days
Fast Shipping 3-5 business days
Urge Delivery 1-2 business days

Keep in mind that these times can change depending on where you live and if the item is in stock.

It’s always a good idea to check the estimated delivery date when you’re ordering.

Benefits of Urge Delivery on Shein

Choosing Urge Delivery comes with some pretty cool perks. Let’s look at why you might want to use this option:

  1. Speed is the name of the game
    • Your order arrives in just 1-2 days
    • Perfect for last-minute needs
    • Great for time-sensitive events (like birthdays or parties)
  2. Track your package in real-time
    • See exactly where your order is at any moment
    • Know when to expect your package
    • No more guessing games about delivery times
  3. Fashion emergencies are solved!
    • Need a new outfit ASAP? Urge Delivery has got you covered
    • Don’t stress about unexpected events – get what you need quickly
  4. Peace of mind
    • Less waiting means less worrying about your order
    • Know that your items will arrive when you need them

How to Select Urge Delivery on Shein?

Ready to try out Urge Delivery? Here’s how to do it:

  1. Shop till you drop
    • Browse Shein and add items to your cart
    • Make sure you’ve got everything you want
  2. Head to checkout
    • Click on your cart when you’re ready
    • Select “Proceed to Checkout”
  3. Choose your shipping
    • Look for the shipping options
    • Find and select “Urge Delivery”
  4. Double-check everything
    • Make sure your address is correct
    • Review your order one last time
  5. Pay and wait
    • Complete your payment
    • Keep an eye on your email for order updates
  6. Track your package
    • Use the tracking info Shein sends you
    • Watch as your package makes its way to you

Things to Keep in Mind

While Urge Delivery is super handy, there are a few things to remember:

  • It costs more: You’re paying for speed, so expect to shell out a bit extra.
  • Not always available: Sometimes, Urge Delivery might not be an option. This could be due to your location or the items you’re ordering.
  • Weekends and holidays: Remember, the 1-2 day promise is for business days. Weekends and holidays might add to your wait time.
  • Item availability: If an item is out of stock, it might delay your whole order.

When to Use Urge Delivery?

Urge Delivery can be a lifesaver, but when should you use it? Here are some situations where it might come in handy:

  • Last-minute events: Got a party this weekend and nothing to wear? Urge Delivery to the rescue!
  • Gifts: Forgot someone’s birthday? Get that gift delivered just in time.
  • Seasonal items: Don’t miss out on that must-have summer dress or winter coat.
  • Work necessities: Need a new outfit for an important meeting? Urge Delivery has your back.

Urge Delivery vs. Other Shipping Options

Let’s break down how Urge Delivery stacks up against other shipping choices:

Shipping Option Pros Cons
Urge Delivery – Fastest option
– Real-time tracking
– Great for emergencies
– Most expensive
– Not always available
Express Shipping – Faster than standard
– Less expensive than Urge Delivery
– Still takes 5-7 days
– Costs more than standard
Standard Shipping – Cheapest option
– Often free with minimum purchase
– Slowest delivery
– Less detailed tracking

Tips for a Smooth Urge Delivery Experience

Want to make sure your Urge Delivery goes off without a hitch? Try these tips:

  1. Order early in the day: This gives Shein more time to process your order.
  2. Check item availability: Make sure everything you want is in stock.
  3. Verify your address: Double-check to avoid any delivery hiccups.
  4. Keep an eye on your email: Shein will send important updates about your order.
  5. Be available for delivery: If possible, be home when your package is due to arrive.

What If Something Goes Wrong?

Even with Urge Delivery, things can sometimes go wrong. Here’s what to do if you hit a snag:

  1. Check your tracking: Make sure your package isn’t just running a little late.
  2. Contact Shein: Use their customer service to report any issues.
  3. Be patient: Remember, some delays are out of Shein’s control.
  4. Know your rights: Familiarize yourself with Shein’s delivery policies.

Is Urge Delivery Worth It?

Now for the big question: is Urge Delivery worth the extra cost? Here are some things to consider:


  • Get your items super fast
  • Great for emergencies
  • Peace of mind with tracking


  • More expensive than other options
  • Not always available
  • Might not be necessary for every order

In the end, it depends on your situation. If you need something quickly and don’t mind paying extra, Urge Delivery could be perfect. But for regular orders, standard shipping might be just fine.

Alternatives to Urge Delivery

If Urge Delivery isn’t available or doesn’t fit your needs, don’t worry! You’ve got options:

  1. Express Shipping: A bit slower, but still faster than standard.
  2. In-store pickup: If there’s a Shein store near you, this could be a quick option.
  3. Plan ahead: Order earlier to avoid needing rush delivery.
  4. Local stores: For true emergencies, shopping in person might be faster.

The Future of Fast Fashion Delivery

Urge Delivery is just the beginning. As online shopping grows, we’re likely to see even more speedy delivery options. Some possibilities:

  • Drone delivery: Packages are delivered right to your doorstep by air.
  • Same-day delivery: Order in the morning, and receive by evening.
  • AI-powered logistics: Smarter systems to get orders out faster.

Environmental Considerations

While fast shipping is convenient, it’s worth thinking about its environmental impact. Rush deliveries often mean:

  • More packaging
  • Less efficient transport routes
  • Higher carbon emissions

If you’re environmentally conscious, consider using Urge Delivery only when necessary. For regular orders, standard shipping is often more eco-friendly.


  • 1. What Does Urge Delivery Mean on Shein?

Urge Delivery on Shein means getting your order super fast – in just 1-2 business days. It’s the quickest shipping option Shein offers.

  • 2. How Long Does Shein Express Shipping Take?

Shein’s Express Shipping usually takes about 5-7 business days. It’s faster than standard shipping but not as quick as Urge Delivery.

  • 3. Is Urge Delivery available everywhere?

Urge Delivery isn’t always available. It depends on where you live and what items you’re ordering. Check at checkout to see if it’s an option for you.

  • 4. How much does Urge Delivery cost?

The cost of Urge Delivery varies. It’s more expensive than other shipping options, but the exact price depends on your order and location.

  • 5. Can I track my Urge Delivery order?

Yes! Urge Delivery comes with real-time tracking. You can follow your package’s journey from Shein to your doorstep.

  • 6. What if my Urge Delivery is late?

If your Urge Delivery doesn’t arrive on time, contact Shein’s customer service. They can help track your package and resolve any issues.

  • 7. Can I cancel an Urge Delivery order?

It’s best to contact Shein immediately if you want to cancel. Because Urge Delivery is so fast, your order might already be processed.

  • 8. Is Urge Delivery available for all Shein items?

Not always. Some items might not be eligible for Urge Delivery. Check the shipping options for each item in your cart.

  • 9. Does Urge Delivery work on weekends?

Urge Delivery is typically for business days. Weekends and holidays might add to your wait time.

  • 10. Can I get a refund on Urge Delivery if I return my item?

Usually, shipping costs (including for Urge Delivery) aren’t refunded when you return an item. Check Shein’s return policy for details.


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Urge Delivery on Shein is a game-changer for those times when you need your fashion fix fast. It’s the quickest way to get your hands on Shein’s trendy clothes and accessories.

While it comes with a higher price tag, the speed and convenience can be worth it for those urgent situations.

Remember, Urge Delivery gets your order to you in just 1-2 business days. It’s perfect for last-minute events, sudden wardrobe emergencies, or when you just can’t wait to try on that new outfit.


With real-time tracking, you’ll always know where your package is and when to expect it.

However, it’s not always necessary for every purchase. For regular orders, standard or express shipping might serve you just fine.

Always consider your needs, budget, and the urgency of your order when choosing a shipping option.

Whether you decide to use Urge Delivery or not, Shein offers a range of shipping choices to fit different needs and budgets. The most important thing is to find the option that works best for you.


Happy shopping, and may your Shein orders always arrive just when you need them!

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