Dyson V8 Flashing Blue Light When Charging


Have you ever plugged in your trusty Dyson V8 vacuum for a much-needed battery boost, only to be met with a puzzling flashing blue light? Don’t worry, friend – you’re not alone!


This is a common occurrence for Dyson V8 owners, and I’m here to help you get to the bottom of it.

In this article, we’ll dive into the mysteries of the Dyson V8’s flashing blue light when charging.

I’ll share some insights and solutions based on my own experience with these nifty cleaning machines. Together, we’ll troubleshoot the issue and get your vacuum back in tip-top shape!


Dyson V8 Flashing Blue Light When Charging

Dyson V8 Flashing Blue Light When Charging


First things first, let’s understand why your Dyson V8 might be flashing that blue light.

Possible Reasons Behind Dyson V8 Flashing Blue Light When Charging:

  1. Low Battery: The most common culprit is a low battery. If this is the case, simply charge your vacuum for about 4 hours, and you should be good to go!
  2. Dirty Filter: A clogged or dirty filter can also trigger the flashing blue light. Make sure to keep your filter clean and free of debris. If it’s looking a bit worse for wear, consider replacing it.
  3. Other Issues: If you’ve charged the battery and cleaned the filter, but the light keeps flashing, there might be another problem at play. In this case, it’s best to reach out to Dyson’s customer support for assistance.

Understanding Dyson Battery Charging

To better understand what the flashing blue light means, let’s take a quick look at how the Dyson V8 battery charges:

Charging Status LED Light Behavior
Charging Flashing blue light
Fully Charged Solid blue light for 5 seconds, then turns off
Charging Time Approximately 4.5 hours for a full charge

Here are some additional battery status indicators:

  • Solid blue light: The battery is charged and functioning properly.
  • One flashing light: Low battery, needs charging.
  • Three flashing lights: Battery is fully charged.

If the light blinks continuously during charging, there may be an issue with the battery or charger. Use these indicators to better understand your Dyson’s charging status and address any problems promptly.

Troubleshooting: Dyson V8 Flashing Blue Light When Charging

Now that we know the potential causes, let’s dive into some troubleshooting tips. Dealing with vacuum cleaner issues can be a bit of a headache, but don’t fret! With a little patience and know-how, you can often solve these problems on your own. Here’s a step-by-step guide to tackling the most common issues:

#Fix 1: Vacuum Won’t Turn On

If your Dyson V8 isn’t turning on at all, start with these steps:

  1. Check that the vacuum is properly plugged in and the power switch is turned on.
  2. Test the outlet to ensure it’s working correctly.
  3. If the vacuum still doesn’t start, there could be an internal issue. Contact Dyson customer support for further assistance.

#Fix 2: Loss of Suction Power

A loss of suction power can be frustrating, but it’s often an easy fix:

  1. Check the filter for any blockages or dirt buildup. Clean or replace the filter if necessary.
  2. Inspect the hose and cleaner head for any obstructions and remove them.
  3. If the above steps don’t help, consider upgrading to a more powerful Dyson vacuum model.

#Fix 3: Vacuum Making Odd Noises

Strange noises coming from your vacuum? Here’s what to do:

  1. Check for any loose components and tighten them if needed.
  2. Look for blockages in the hoses or cleaner heads and clear them out.
  3. If the noise persists, the vacuum may be worn out and in need of replacement.

#Fix 4: Not Picking Up Dirt

If your Dyson V8 isn’t picking up dirt effectively, try these solutions:

  1. Inspect the filter and clean or replace it if it’s clogged.
  2. Check for blockages in the hose or cleaner head and remove any debris.
  3. If the issue persists, you may need a more powerful model to suit your needs.

#Fix 5: Vacuum Emitting Bad Odors

Is your vacuum leaving behind an unpleasant smell? Here’s how to combat it:

  1. Check the filter and clean or replace it if it’s dirty.
  2. Clear any blockages in the hose or cleaner head.
  3. If the odor lingers, it may be time to replace your vacuum, as older models can develop persistent smells.

#Fix 6: Inspecting the Charging Accessories

Sometimes, the issue may lie with the charging accessories rather than the vacuum itself. Here’s how to check them:

  1. Examine the charger: Take a close look at the charger and ensure it’s in good condition with no visible damage.
  2. Check the connection: Plug the charger into the power outlet securely and make sure it’s firmly connected to the vacuum.
  3. Test the outlet: If the outlet seems faulty, try plugging the charger into a different one to rule out any power issues.
  4. Inspect the charging cable: Look for any signs of fraying, damage, or wear on the charging cable.
  5. Replace if necessary: If you notice any issues with the charger or cable, replace them to avoid potential damage to your vacuum.

FAQs: Dyson V8 Flashing Blue Light When Charging

  • Q: Why is the blue light blinking while charging my Dyson V8?

A: The blinking blue light indicates the battery’s charge level. A slow blink means it’s less than 50% charged, a quick blink means it’s between 50% and 90% charged, and a solid blue light means it’s fully charged.

  • Q: Why is my Dyson flashing blue?

A: There are several reasons your Dyson might flash blue:

  • Low battery: The blue light will flash rapidly when the battery is low. Charge the battery for at least four hours to resolve this.
  • Filter issue: A slowly flashing blue light may indicate a dirty, clogged, or worn filter.
  • Charger problem: An irregularly flashing blue light could mean the charger is incompatible or malfunctioning.
  • Serious issue: A rapidly and irregularly flashing blue light may indicate a more serious problem. Contact Dyson customer support for assistance.
  • Q: When is the Dyson V8 fully charged?

A: Your Dyson V8 is fully charged when the blue light turns solid. If the light is still blinking, keep the vacuum plugged in until the light remains solid blue.

  • Q: How do I know if my Dyson battery needs replacing?

A: Here are some signs that it’s time to replace your Dyson battery:

  • Reduced battery life compared to when it was new.
  • Loss of suction power.
  • Vacuum overheating.
  • Strange noises coming from the battery.
  • Battery bulging or leaking.

If you notice any of these signs, contact Dyson customer support for guidance.

  • Q: Is it worth replacing the Dyson vacuum battery?

A: Whether or not to replace your Dyson vacuum battery depends on several factors:

  • Age of the vacuum: If your vacuum is more than five years old, consider upgrading to a newer model instead.
  • Cost of a replacement battery: The price of a replacement battery varies depending on the vacuum model.
  • Frequency of use: If you use your vacuum often, a new battery can significantly improve its performance.

If you’re unsure whether to replace the battery, reach out to Dyson customer support for advice.

  • Q: Can I leave my Dyson V8 on charge all the time?

A: Yes, you can leave your Dyson V8 on charge continuously. The charger is designed to prevent overcharging, so it won’t harm the battery.


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Dealing with a flashing blue light on your Dyson V8 can be frustrating, but now you’re equipped with the knowledge to troubleshoot the issue like a pro! Remember, the most common causes are a low battery, dirty filter, or charger problems.

By following the steps outlined in this article, you’ll be well on your way to getting your vacuum back in action.

If you’ve tried these solutions and the flashing blue light persists, don’t hesitate to reach out to Dyson’s customer support team. They’re always ready to help you keep your vacuum running smoothly.


Happy cleaning, and may your Dyson V8 continue to serve you well for years to come!

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